Bob's Gourmet Hotdogs

229 W Congress St., Savannah, GA 31041

Welcome to Bob's

Located in the heart of the Historic District of Savannah, Bob's has been a staple of the Hostess City of the South since 2016. Serving the late night crowd with delicious, unique hot dogs and creating bonds with the visitors or citizens to our great city has established Bob's as a Must Try.

Our menu has something for everyone at a price for anyone. Stop by when you're in town!

Located near by

Address: 229 W Congress St., Savannah, GA 31041

Our main cart location sits conveniently at the cross section of West Congress St. and Jefferson St.

Meet Bob

Bob has been a Savannah resident since time immemorial. Friend to all and stranger to none, his cart has become a beacon of safety and familiarity to all who walk the cobblestone streets. In addition to delicious dogs of many flavors, Bob provides conversation, direction, and safe harbor. Stop by to see him today!

Bob's Gourmet Hotdogs - Savannah, GA